The Curtis Family C-notes

The Curtis Family C-notes, a musical band and vocal group... the band members are Maestro, his wife and their 5 children! "Papa C.", Maestro Curtis, "Mama C.", Nola Curits, Zahara (14) vocals, guitar/ukulele and violin, Nile (13) vocals, electric bass and cello (Zahara and Nile are 362 days apart, "Irish twins"), Isis (12) vocals, drums, percussions, Kiki (10) vocals, electric guitar/ukulele, and Phoenix (8) vocals and piano. 

In the tradition of family bands such as the Jackson 5, the Partridge Family, the Sylvers, the Carpenters, The The Curtis Family C-notes perform as a band and a vocal group, from songs by the Mills Brothers and the Andrews Sisters, to Jefferson Airplane, Sly & the Family Stone and the Hawkins Singers, as well as original compositions.  Mama and Papa C. aspire for their children to enter into the sciences because music is a way of life, music is everyone's birthright it is also a fun way to, teach mathematical relationships, develop critical thinking skills, teach the children to work as a group and independently.  With all of that said, the C-note children are proving to be skilled musicians, vocalists and entertainers and their parents are overwhelmingly proud.

(You can see more short clips of the The Curtis Family Cnotes performances on their

YouTube channel, on Instagram, and on their Facebook page)