Saloon Cyd & The Toland Gang

Performing the Music of the Roaring 20's

The music of Louis Armstrong, Gershwin, Joplin, Porter,

Josephine Baker, Annette Hanshaw, Edith Piaf,

 Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, to name a few...

Maestro Curtis, on keys, as reformed ex-hitman for Frank Nitty, earning the nickname, "Trenches" for making his victims dig their own trenches before snuffing them out. Leaving his murderous past behind him and playin' it straight as a musician, Tommy "The Trenches" Toland.


Nola Curtis, on vocals,  as a mysterious woman with a past, "Saloon Cyd" a.k.a. Cyd Qurtisse.


Larry Douglas, on trumpet, as Ira "The Blew" Epstein, a notorious bootlegger and illegitimate son of the infamous Jewish mafia boss and "Diamond Czar", Meyer Epstein.

Winfred Williams, on drums, as Aldridge "Pistol Boom" Jackson, known as a gun touting accountant to the bootlegging underworld's most notorious names.

A group of Sacramento State University film students created a teaser for a documentary on Maestro and his family. This bit of footage covers Maestro and Nola's work at a "speakeasy"

in San Francisco called Club 1923.

Produced By Eric Pace, Directed by Raymond Porter, Director of Photography Ale Hernandez