Stro-Ra was trained by the Intergalactic Federation to bring love, peace, and illumination through Sound Consciousness of Music to Earth.‚Äč

Below is the teaser and a slideshow of images taken from the full length music video... feat. the dancing of Maestro's wife, Nola Curtis..

Maestro Curtis as Stro-Ra presents Jazz On Jupiter

a Jazz Opera of Intergalactic Proportions

Rooted in Sacred Geometry, based on Sound Consciousness

& the connection to the Spiritual Higher Self

"The synergism of God and Goddess, make us whole and complete beings of love.  For the Earth and its denizens are important, though minuscule in God's greatest plan.  Each planet and its inhabitants must be loved, respected, and cared for because we are part of a bigger picture - The Universe, a mere speck in the vast Multiverse, yet vital, to the existence of all life.  For we are all intergalactic beings."